Antidestiny - The 24th of March, 2007
My latest project is now finished and is a good 53 minutes of entertainment. Composed with ModPlug 1.16 and Renoise 1.5 the disk features Axeslash's Guitar Pack, Drums from Virt/Nightrealm/Mortician, Bass from Claymore/Stingray, and synthlines from Claymore, this disk promises some good stuff. With VSTi like East West Quantum Leap Symhonic Orchestra and VST effects such as EssEQ 7-band Equalizer and VG Guitar FX, this disk is very thoroughly completed. But no, there will be more. In the near future, I will release my first ever disk that includes vocals. And not only that, but I will also include full scale choirs by using EWQL Symphonic Choirs. So download this disk and enjoy. But get ready for an expanded version in the fourth quarter of 2007. Now go download that shit and enjoy it, damn you.

On a sidenote, the issues with disks not downloading properly and "Tears of the Blind" leading to the "Chapter Nine" have been resolved, I believe. If there is anything you find to be wrong, please contact me.

Dawn is out - The 20th of June, 2006
Dawn is finally released, however with thirteen compositions. I know, I broke my own rule, but technically I only made 12 for this disk. The first track is a very old one that I merely upgraded samplewise and fixed a couple of equalizers for to improve the general sound quality.

Anyway, my website upgrades went down the tubes and I had to quickly try and recreate the basics. You can read about it in my Information-part of the Dawn-page.

New disk in progress - The 20th of April, 2006
A new disk is in the works, with improvements in almost all aspects. I've named it "Dawn" and so far, I've composed with only three rules:

1. Twelve separate compositions.
2. A total duration of 40 minutes or more.
3. No more than three covers.

So far the disk has been progressing well it is close to done with only three more compositions. The disk will be released along with the updates announced last month.

A nice little special... - The 24th of March, 2006
Ok, since I got Estrayk's permission I'm going to introduce you to some of my newer work. It's (obviously) a cover of his chiptune "Her 11" that has my most up to date sound yet. You can download it here. (Right click and choose 'Save as...')

MORE! - The 23th of March, 2006
The basics are all covered now, and you've music to download. However, soon to come is the following:

+ Singles of all kinds (Trance, World, etc)
+ Integrated use of CSS for a cleaner design
+ Overall design improvement
+ More indepth Downloads-section (disk-details, file-specific   info, reviews)
+ 38 videogame covers (123 MB)

Theres more coming but its a bit far off as of now so I won't go into it at the moment. People seem to be downloading quite a bit since the webhost is allready getting bandwidth concerns. I'd be a fool if I didn't say keep it up!

Uploads coming - The 11th of March, 2006
The site is nearly finished and only requires some finetuning and nitpicking. I estimate that the site will be 100% functional before next weekend.