Effect plugins

Opens a list with names of effects used in the song. Here you can select the effect bank quicker than with the back/forward buttons.

Display name:
The names here are used in the channel effect assignment and it shows the default plugin name. You may want to change it Echo240/260 or something to make your orientation easier.

Select plugin...:
Opens a window with VST and DirectX Media Effects. Effects in the DX section will appear automatically after installation of DirectX8 and higher but VST effects must be added manually by pressing the "Add Plugin" and finding the appropriate dll. Once you've selected the effect you want, press "Ok" or double click it and the effect will be assigned to the current effect bank. If you don't like the effect, it's highly recommended to remove it with the "remove" button. You may soon get lost in an endless plugin list otherwise.

Some plugins have a more or less fancy graphical interface that can be activated right here. Knobs and graphs are always easier to play with than the MPT sliders so use it if possible.

Here you can select a plugin parameter and change it by moving the slider on the right or by typing a 0.0000 - 1.0000 value in the 3 digit display and pressing "set" button.

Output to:
Sends the effect output to the selected target. Default is final mix. Notice that you can't send the output to an effect from higher plugin bank.

Apply to final mix:
Applyes the effect on everything.

Disables the effect but not it's output so other effects can still recieve signal from it.

Dry mix:
Takes the effect input and adds it to the output so if you have an effect that does not change the sound in any way, the sound will be 2 times louder. It's mainly useful if the effect does not have a wet/dry mix control.

General usage tips:

Even if the window shows only 2 digits (and zero), you can control the effect with 4 digits precision. Just add in the value and click on the "set" button.

It's recommended to have some empty space between the effects and not to use the first effect banks. It can save a lot of time and nerves during final mastering where each empty slot has a value of gold.

Plugin effect description

Since there are too many VST plugins, we'll describe only DX Media plugins that are also supported by Modplug Player.